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Question by  JamieSmith (23)

Is there a time limit to when your insurance can bill you for a medical procedure?


Answer by  gaelic (34)

The bill actually comes from a medical facility, such as a hospital or doctor's office. The facility has contracts with insurance companies, including a time limit in which the facility can bill the insurance. Once the insurance company has paid its portion, the facility then bills the individual for the balance, and there is no time limit.


Answer by  jmo81rn (36)

The average time limit for most insurance companies is 45 days, in which the provider can send an appeal to an insurance company on behalf of the insured. If the service is denied, the provider may then bill you for the service.


Answer by  laceybaby (28)

Your insurance does not bill you for a medical procedure. The people who performed the services are the ones that bill you; and generally there is no time limit for that. There is usually a time limit for the provider to submit a medical claim to your insurance company.


Answer by  marriedlady (61)

Yes. The amount of time a vendor can legally bill a client is determined by the statute of limitations in the state in which the client received such services.


Answer by  rajneesh (18)

yes, their is time limit which is fixed by insurance company and changes according to the regulator . It is the duty of the insured to intimate the insurance company

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