Question by  Bill6565 (20)

Are husbands responsible for their wive medical bills?

I have high medical bills and want to know if my husband should have to pay them.


Answer by  bnowozin (54)

Your husband can be held responsible for your medical bills. In marriage you not only share assests but debt as well. You can try to work out a payment plan or maybe get some of it wrote off. Sometimes medical agentcies will try and work with you.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

If you are still legally married then you are both liable for the medical bills. If they don't get paid it will affect his credit and yours.


Answer by  Allfyb (72)

Medical bills that occur while you are married are part of the joint debt of the marriage. They are not specifically included or excluded from financial arrangements unless bankruptcy is being considered by you and not him.

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