Question by  NN (75)

What are the time limits for medical billing?

I just got a bill for services more than a year ago and it's too late for the insurance to pay it.


Answer by  SueS (25)

There is not once answer to this question I'm afraid. The time limit on medical billing depends on what state you're located in. In my opinion you should first appeal to the insurance company for payment. Take it to your state insurance commissioner for assistance. Depending on the size of the bill, expert legal advice may be in order.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

Generally, the time limit is three months, especially with Medicare and Medicaid. One year is another time limit, but in many cases, that can be extended to two years. Your best bet is to call the human resources administrator with your employer to get his or her assistance in getting permission for an "out-of-time" claim to file. State your reasons.


Answer by  babi (5)

It nearly takes 48 hours time limits in case of medical billing in insurance claims.otherwise it will be extended to three to four months duration.


Answer by  claire56 (23)

Usually insurance claims must be made within one year of receiving the service. You should read your policy carefully, but I doubt they will make an exception.

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