Question by  mangosteen (272)

Is there a difference between a CAT scan and a CT scan?

or are they the same thing?


Answer by  rube26105 (379)

Yes - a caT SCAN cuts your pisc up into more speciic pictures, the ct scan was the older version of the CAT scan


Answer by  NobodysHome (385)

The two terms generally mean the same thing; they refer to a medical procedure used for diagnostic purposes, which is non-invasive and used to find the origin, cause, or status of medical conditions.


Answer by  muks (20)

Their is no difference between CT or CAT scan. Previously it was called CT scan i.e. Computed tomography. Nowadays it is called CAT i.e. computed axial tomography.


Answer by  vsgunnam (222)

Both are the same. Both are the short form/abbreviation for Computerized Axial Tomography. The short form ``CAT`` might have been further shortened as ``CT`` for the sake of brevity and easiness. That is all.


Answer by  lousha (14)

CAT scan or CT scan is the computerized axial tomography which is a combination of many x-rays with the help of a computer which helps to view the cross sectional images of the internal organs .It is used to detect the abnormalities in the body.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

As far as I know they are the same thing. CAT stands for Computerized Axial Tomography. Which later became simply know as Computerized Tomography. CT is basically just a shorted version of a CAT scan, since people are lazy and want to say things in as shortened terms as possible.


Answer by  Gretchin (352)

CAT and CT Scan are the same they are used interchangeably. The full name is Computerized Axial Tomography. A machine that takes x-rays from different angles around the body.

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