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Question by  Miller (33)

Can a radiologist read a ct scan without contrast?

I have to have a ct scan and would like to avoid the contrast.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Yes a ct scan can be read without contrast. It depends on what the doctor is trying to see whether or not he is ordering the ct scan with or without the contrast.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

The radiologist can read any xray or catscan but the point is if you do not use the contrast, the radiologist may miss the problem. The contrast is not that bad anymore. If you are drinking it it has a citrus taste. If it is by Intra Venous, it is a very simple procedure.


Answer by  GordonLymes (78)

Contrast is used to enhance some anatomical details that can't be seen normally, so sometimes it's the only way radiologists have to read a ct scan properly. Of course the use of contrast depends from the reason why the scan is taken, but sometimes is unavoidable.


Answer by  dcbuis85 (267)

Contrast is not always needed for a CT scan, but it can be needed in order to see a certain organ or area of the body more clearly.


Answer by  atman (308)

A CT scan can be done with or without contrast. The ones that are done without the contrast are not able to show enough detail about some types of structures that the radiologist needs to look at. Doing a scan without contrast may not help diagnose your problem. An alternative you may wish to discuss is an MRI.


Answer by  DaleE03 (1)

ct scan done with contrast, but didn't look any different than without. Did they do something wrong?

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