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Question by  Devesh (50)

What could be wrong if abdominal pain worsens while sitting or standing but there was a negative cat scan?

The cat scan showed no problems.


Answer by  user1583 (28)

Sometimes it is good to get more than one scan sometimes things are missed or done improperly also consider having a pap smear if a female to check for female problems that could cause abdominal pain.


Answer by  garymarkle (599)

After a negative cat scan, it is usually been found that persistant abdominal pain is directly related to the gal-bladder.


Answer by  Lite05 (59)

Abdominal pain that worsens while sitting or standing with a negative scan report could be signs of appendicitis. CT scan will show no problems.


Answer by  bullet02 (172)

When abdominal pain persista and CAT scan result is negative may indicate an Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There is pain because gas is contained so, walking or mobilization is good.


Answer by  suriyastable (9)

This problem causes because not taking food at correct time. Then by the body heat. Want to take full sleep at night night to reduce this problem. Drink water at early morning daily. Then take oil bath once a week. Have fresh juices. Drink water regularly. Have all kinds of vegetables. Don't eat heavy boiled foods.

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