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Question by  TonyAnderson (20)

Can low glomerclur filtration rate be diagnosed by a ct scan?

I will be having a ct scan to determine what is going on with my KIidneys and want to be sure it will be able to detect everything.


Answer by  jb98 (41)

Glomerular filtration rate or GFR cannot be diagnosed by CT. If the technician is performing a CT with use of contrast dye they will need to draw a blood level Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) to make sure your kidneys can eliminate the dye. The BMP will show your GFR.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Yes. They will inject you with an iodine based dye that shows up very well on a cat scan. You will be able to see the kidneys clearly.


Answer by  worker9711 (30)

No. Glomeruler filtration rate is a measurement of blood filtered by the kidneys per minute, it can be estimated by certain blood tests and urine tests. CT scan will add more information to the impression your doctor already has by showing the shape, size, etc of your kidneys.

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