Question by  roxxila (1)

what are the differences between reactive dyes & sulfur dyes?

What are the differences between reactive dyes and sulphur dyes?


Answer by  karthi (40)

Reactive dyes are used to dye cellulosic fibres. The dyes contain a reactive groupReactive dyeing is now the most important method for the coloration of cellulosic fibres. Sulfur dyes are two part "developed" dyes used to dye cotton with dark colors. The initial bath imparts yellow or pale chartreuse color.


Answer by  hegde (161)

Sulfur dyes are water insoluble and very easy to apply. Sulfur dyes are most commonly used on cottons in larger volume and they are cheap too. Generally for dark colors like black, browns, dark blues Sulfur dyes are used. Reactive dyes are most important method of colorization these days and commonly apply on cellulosic fibers like wool and nylon.

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