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Question by  kash (12)

Is there a company that makes a green ceiling fan?

I can only find white and wood-tones with metal (brass, silver, gold) motor housings.


Answer by  Plantexpert2 (24)

Harbor Breeze makes a green ceiling fan marketed as a children's fan. It can be found at Lowes stores. Another great method to obtaining a green ceiling fan is to embark on a "Do It Yourself" project. You can paint the fan parts to create the green look you are looking for!


Answer by  MaTwosey (332)

Your best chance for a green or other bright colored ceiling fan is checking the kid's section. Westinghouse makes a light green fan (model 78793). Emerson makes a darker, outdoor fan (model CF200SG). If these don't work, there's always paint.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

I have seen some green ceiling fans. They usually will need to be ordered on line. Some of the ones I have seen have combination of green and another color. I think one of the companys that may carry them is maybe Hunter or Craftsman. I have both and can usually find what I am looking for with them.


Answer by  Turks (319)

I too have not come across any fan manufacturing company that makes Green colored ceiling fans but you can get it colored or color it on your own!

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