Question by  WordShifter (2)

What company makes Mogul jeans?

Or is Mogul the name of the company?


Answer by  hershey (12)

Mogul is the name of the company. Mogul not only make jeans but also, dresses, tops, shirts, and accessories for men and woman. I would have to say that their prices are quite expensive though to be perfectly honest. Be on the look out when you go on their site for special discounts and offers, because they sell out fast!


Answer by  dadutza11 (6)

Mogul is the company's name that makes Mogul jeans. Mogul produces women clothing and men's wear, as well. You can even order online, by entering on their website.


Answer by  SelfishWarrior (43)

Mogul the name of the jeans, and it is also the name of the company. The copyright on their website website is for Mogul Clothing.


Answer by  Lana44 (4)

i'm not quite sure but i believe that th company's name is Mogul Clothing. Jeans being just one of there products. With most jeans they give the company name when refering to their jeans.

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