Question by  zach (27)

How do you program a fan remote?

I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom that runs off a remote that is not working.


Answer by  Jesse78 (139)

First, you need to check the batteries in the fan remote, to ensure that it has enough energy to properly send the signal, low batteries will cause the remote to not function. Fan Remotes typically come programmed with the fan, at the time of production, You could refer to the user manual, or research your fan model online.


Answer by  KellyRichardHensler (18)

If by chance you have lost your manual for your ceiling fan remote control,the best way to program it is...first you'll need the brand and model number. Then you need to find the dip switches to program the remote or change the frequency. Finally,after you have found the right settings,you will want to make sure nothing else has turned on.


Answer by  Ruby40 (372)

First thing is to collect information on your make and model of fan and remote. If you do not want to buy a replacement remote from the manufacturer, look for a universal remote. Most universals will list the appliances they work with. For example, the harmony remotes will run fans.


Answer by  kd97 (733)

Remote controls that come with the device from the original product manufacturer should not have to be programmed or synched. You may have problems with your remote or batteries.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

If you have a ceiling fan in your room that has a remote and the remote is not working first I would check that it does not need new batteries that would be the simplest solution they do make some universal remotes that might work but it would be easier to call the company for a new remote.


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

The remote is probably damaged. you can check the users manual for instructions or you can purchase another remote if you know the make and model of your fan.

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