Question by  mskiki29360 (43)

What size wire should I use for 60 amps?

I am trying to wire a 60 watt amp.


Answer by  worker3350 (49)

Depending on the type of wire you need 4 gauge for aluminum wire and 6 gauge for copper wire. Aluminum wire is the least expensive of the two but copper disapates heat better.


Answer by  lftmx3 (39)

Depends on various factors such as temperature, indoor/outdoor, exposure to light, gasoline, etc. Also depends on type of wire used, will the wire be run through conduit? If so it needs to be THHN. The most commonly used wire for this would be #6 AWG THHN copper, rated for 65 amps. Get an electrical code book to be certain.


Answer by  worker97 (12)

#6 should work just fine, however #4 is more common and probly alot easier to find and get connectors for.

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