Question by  peekfreans (15)

Is it a good idea to put vitamin E on a new tattoo?


Answer by  griffinej5 (49)

Vitamin E on a new tattoo is probably a good idea. It will help to keep the tattoo protected while the skin heals. Additionally, because it has no other chemicals or additives, it is unlikely that it will irritate the tattoo or cause any discomfort. The vitamin E will keep it protected from the sun as well.


Answer by  Tmansfield (52)

Yes. You want to keep it moisturized while it's still healing. Don't put vitamin e on too often as it will prevent air from getting to the skin to help it heal. If you notice that the tattoo looks dried out and scabby, you should be using more moisturizer.


Answer by  SillyZilly (64)

Absolutely not. Keep the tattoo clean and moist with simple products such as anti-bacterial hand soap and a fragrance and dye-free lotion. Avoid oils and petroleum-based products.


Answer by  MrKhaan (90)

Yes, it should be used twice a day as a thin layer on the new tatoo during a couple of days.


Answer by  Geminlove (0)

just got first Tat and was given A&D ointment, worked great and on 7 days with 1% peeling! using Aquaphor now and looks great.

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