Question by  pianogal (14)

What is a great Italian saying to put on a tattoo?

I am going to get a new tattoo and love the Italian language, I would like to incorporate a good saying into the tattoo.


Answer by  DevoutCatalyst (441)

"occupi del vostro proprio commercio" - which means "mind your own business" so if anyone ever asks what your tattoo says you can say with a straight face: "Mind your own business" and let them sweat for a while before you fill them in.


Answer by  seagambrell (91)

Pasta! Come on your the one who loves Italian - tattoos are personal art forums if you don't know what you want and truly love it don't get one. What are your reasons for getting a tattoo - you want to look cool or you want to express yourself forever.


Answer by  worker4530 (303)

As a tattoo artist, it drives me crazy when people get tattoos they don't understand. My recommendation is to find a phrase you like, something that represents you. Whether it refers to family or puts closure on a period in your life, you'll be glad you did. And then translate from there.


Answer by  S93 (524)

"Chi tante male azioni fa, una grossa ne aspetti" translates to "What goes around, comes around. " Another great saying is "Del male non fare e paura non avere" which translates to "Do no evil and have no fear. " One of my favorite sayings is "Oggi a te, domani a me" which translates to "Every dog has its day. "


Answer by  Anonymous

Mangiare la mia pizza


Answer by  Anonymous

since your first breathe, i would give my last for you.

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