Question by  Kittae (60)

Is it safe for a child to sleep with a pillow over his head?

My five year old sleeps with his pillow over his head, I am worried he will harm himself.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

My daughter also sleeps with her head under the pillow (she is 4). I usually wait for her to get into a deep sleep and move the pillow. She gets really hot with the pillow on her head. He may do this because he is cold, increase his room temperature.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

No, it is not safe because the child could suffocate himself, and as you know, a five year old might not be thoughtful enough to save themselves.


Answer by  trilliank (29)

most people have a reaction in the brain if it is not receiving enough oxygen and they will wake up. Another option would be to buy a sleep mask.


Answer by  Mary15 (347)

It is safe but not if the pillows cotton inside is not covered. If it isn't covered it will may cause operation because it can go into his ear. Thanks

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