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Question by  Brad (34)

What is the proper dosage of ivermectin for head lice?

My child has come home from school with head lice and I have no idea how to treat it.


Answer by  MablesTime (138)

If your child has head lice and you've never treated it before you really should go to the doctor. Because your child may have allergies that I wouldn't know about I wouldn't want to guess at treatment or give you dosages. Your doctor may have other ideas regarding the medicine.

Reply by FluffyKitty (109):
Oh hey I'm with ya on that one. My little girl wound up with a bunch of scabs on her head cuz she was allergic to something in the ivermectin stuff. It was a horrid couple of weeks for us here. I hope the parent goes to the doctor too.  add a comment

Answer by  patti (29325)

Call your family doctor for a prescription for an appropriate medication. Ivermectin is not used orally for head lice. NEVER give your child prescription medication without a physician's order. Your doc will Rx a proper shampoo for head lice. Do not spend money on OTC products, which are rubbish.


Answer by  BrianC2 (117)

I always say if in doubt talk to your pharmacist. They are trained to know about all this stuff. Many times the pharmacist can answer questions that my own doctor can't when it comes to medicines, dosages, side effects, etc. I think that would be the best thing to do.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

You want to use enough of the shampoo to completely cover the scalp from front to back. Be sure not to get any in your child's eyes, it is toxic.


Answer by  crookedneck (33)

If I were you the easiest route to go is go to the local K-Mart or drug store and buy some NIX, it works really great and it even has a conditioner you put on the hair to kill all the eggs before they hatch, and the convinent comb it comes with works great. It will save you time.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

You have a couple of options. Buy a premade kit that includes a nit comb which is to comb out baby lice that stick to the hair after the use of the lice kill shampoo. You also can go to your doctor to prescribe a kit that will include the comb. Bag all linens and stuffed toys for two weeks.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Ivermectin is generally prescribed at 200 micrograms for every 2. 2 pounds. This has been reported to be a very effective treatment. There have been reported concerns about using this medication especially with patients who weigh less than 33 pounds so you should call your doctor before use.

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