Question by  Nycherub (47)

Is it possible to use waste engine oil for fuel?


Answer by  Shafy (65)

You can use it on old diesel engines, but the consequences does not worth the savings. The metal residue inside the waste oil will deteorate your engine. you may use it as a fuel in gas stoves. But there will be too much smoke coming out of the chimney.


Answer by  fazt (147)

Indeed, it is possible to use engine oil for fuel. The device I know of personally is in the County shop. It is a waste oil burner. It uses waste oil from the shop and waste oil that has been disposed at the local "dumps. "


Answer by  astamer (66)

If you have the right type of engine you can use waste oil. Make sure to properly filter it because dirt and grime buildup, which is the reason you change engine oil, needs to be completely gone so it won't gunk up the combustion chamber.


Answer by  bb (674)

check with your local waste oil reovery center. they could tell you how waste oil is recycled and for what purpose it is used.

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