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Question by  frankie (13)

What is the gas to oil ratio in a home lite two cycle engine?

I want to make sure I get the right gas to oil ration in my engine.


Answer by  jmk222 (20)

The most common ratio foe a Homelite is 40:1 but your particular engine may be slightly different. You should check your model number on the Homelite website to make sure. Easiest thing to do is get a 1 gallon gas can and buy the small bottles of mix oil intended for a gallon of gas.


Answer by  meeran2000 (425)

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Answer by  Teaberry (846)

Mix gas and 2 cycle oil together. DONOT use automobile or outboard oil. Use 2. 5 per gallon of gas. Or use Premium Exact Fuel mix. It works best.


Answer by  ArunVivek (143)

As a Standard practise for Homelite Engines, the portion should be 50:1 mixture. For 2Cycle Engine can also have 32:1 mixture. However please check your Enginee oil color regulary also.


Answer by  Gaur (7676)

I have a 5 year old Homelite weed eater that I bought at Home Depot. Trimlite 25cc model. Here is a portion of the manual concerning the mixture. It is a 50:1. pre-mixing gasoline and 2-cycle oil. Pre-mix unleaded gasoline and 2-cycle engine oil in a clean 1 gallon container approved for gasoline.


Answer by  worker59 (65)

The most common ratio gas to fuel is 50 to 1 that is pretty common for things like snowblowers and leaf blowers and lawn mowers and go-carts and stuff like that

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