Question by  balhan (1)

Is it okay to treat my cat with an otibiotic ointment made for dogs? .

My vet gave it to me.


Answer by  SteveW (120)

If it is a topical treatment and was given to you by the vet, they should know best. Many times, the topic ointments contain the same ingredients whether they are for dogs or cats. If you are concerned, double check with the vet who prescribed it to ensure you were given the proper medicine.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Yes.It is the same Kind they give to cat's it Just say's for dog's.Antibiotic ointment is the same Just different way's they label them for Selling the product's.


Answer by  PixilatedxMe (103)

If it's mild ointment, it may be alright. If it's a heavy antibiotic ointment, you may not want to use it, especially if your dog is larger than your cat.


Answer by  m3chladon (38)

It should be alright, felines and canines do not differ extremely when it comes to skin and their fur coats.

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