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Question by  andyborchers (19)

What is a good substitute for Mupirocin ointment?

I need a substitute for Mupirocin Ointment.


Answer by  armchairscientist (18)

Mupirocin (Bactroban) is a topical antibacterial compound available by prescription to treat skin infections. Similar OTC compounds include neomycin and bacitracin; topical prescription formulas such as nadifloxacin, azelaic acid, and silver sulfadiazene are also available. Consult your pharmacist or physician regarding effectiveness for specific conditions and concerns about allergic reactions.


Answer by  JillB (47)

The generic drug Bactroban is the common substitution for Mupirocin Ointment. This drug requires a prescription the same as Mupirocin, but if you have a Mupirocin prescription simply ask for the generic equivalent. Remember to use the full course of treatment in order to be certain the medical problem is elminated.


Answer by  soothsayer (500)

Mupirocin has good topical anti-bacterial properties. However there are other ointments too which are effective like topical preparation containing neomycin[a potent aminoglycoside having anti-bacteral effect] sold OTC as Neosporin[BP]. Topical povidone-iodine preparation like Betadine ointment can also be used. Ciprofloxacin is also available as topical preparation but is commonly used for ophthalmic infections. It is available as Ciplox ointment.


Answer by  SRAJASEKAR (28)

there is no substitute for this type of medicines. use this mupirocin ointment correctly. dont take it over dose. this the doctors prescribed medicine. dont take any other medicine eith this because it may ccause you any side effects


Answer by  Anonymous

Oh my god, people! Talk to a pharmacist! Go to the clinic! And mupirocin is the generic drug that's in Bactroban.


Answer by  deepkaru (0)

can I use Triamcinolone or diflorasane diacetate cream USP 0.05% for my fulliculitis in leg?

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