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Question by  joker101 (42)

Is it normal to have heart pain when taking deep breaths?

Every now and then when I take a really deep breath I get stabbing heart pains.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

It is not normal to have that kind of pain when taking deep breaths. When taking deep breaths you should have no pain and if you are suffering from that a doctos should be seen to determine the cause of the pain since it is not normal in any circumstance.


Answer by  evosirch72 (138)

Pneumonia can be causing the problem , espicially strong sharp chest pains when taking a very deep breath. Blood clots in the lungs could also be a problem.


Answer by  worker6862 (30)

The symptoms seem to be abnormal. When we take deep inspirations the lungs expand and can exert pressure over the heart. In pleural effussion and pneumothorax the thoraxic cavity will be under high pressure and stabbing pain is felt over chest region. This is normally mistaken to be evolved from heart


Answer by  playmaker55 (314)

No that is not normal at all, you need to go to your medical practicianer immediatly. This could be a very serious issue.

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