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Question by  bigbug (14)

Why do I have left latissimus dorsi muscle pain when I breath?

I only have the pain when I take a really deep breath.


Answer by  dog23 (168)

This type of pain may be related to lung pain due to infection or pleurisy. Pleurisy refers to inflammation of the pleura, or lining of the lung. This type of pain may also be related to a muscle strain or pull, which commonly worsens upon movement, including respiration. Lung conditions usually cause other symptoms such as coughing, however,


Answer by  riyadca (10)

its related to the problem of muscles in the back. it should have be deeply affected to the muscle injury it may cause pneumonia. When you are unable to breath deeply, your lungs tend to get weak so to speak. the exercise for a few days and let the muscle heal. Light warm up exercises may be good for the muscle.


Answer by  Mallika (449)

You have left latissimus dorsi muscle pain when you breathe may be due to asthma complaints. Or indigestion problems or when you walk for a long distance without stopping. So walk for sometime take rest and then continue. Don't end it if you do that it will increase. And it even occurs if you are tired.

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