Question by  MissTrusted (48)

What could cause chest pain with a normal heart cath?


Answer by  Sally10 (70)

An infection around the cath could be the reason for the chest pain. The infection could be simple to cure with meds or surgery might be needed.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

This can be a sign of cardiac arrest, an enlarged heart, an infection, pneumonia, or a conventional case of bronchitis. If you have chest pain, go to a doctor and get evaluated.


Answer by  kimber18 (514)

There could be a number of causes. Acid Reflux can cause pain, stress can cause pain, depression, there is an inflamation of the cartilidge (can't recall the name at this time).


Answer by  eaglover (394)

Cardiac Syndrome X is the name given to this condition. It produces angina-like chest pain often with signs of cardiac ischemia although coronary artery disease is absent.

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