Question by  marcy (69)

What's a good age to think about dating?

I need to know a good age for my daughter to start dating.


Answer by  Andersen (628)

After finishing college.


Answer by  Anonymous

Never in my view. It's best to have your daughter think about her self development, skills, education, and such. There's too much stress on "dating," when young people should instead just enjoy being young, learning, and growing in both mixed and single sex settings..


Answer by  GLSmith (21)

I think that group dating i. e boys and girls is acceptable at about 14 years of age. One on one dating being allowed when the kids are 16.


Answer by  moma2boys (48)

A good bit would depend on the maturity level of you daughter. I have teenage boys, and have just started letting my oldest "date" at the age of 16.

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