Question by  cola (15)

Is it a good idea for a first time investor to get into online investing?


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

i think it is ok, if you start with a small amount of funds that wouldn't affect you materially if you lost... even better is to use a service that allows you to make trades with "fake" money... that way if your investments underperform, you dont actually lose.


Answer by  embockjr (709)

This practice should be avoided. Quite frankly, any investor should have a good basic knowledge of investing practices. And, online investing is certainly not for the novice and should only be initiated after sufficient knowlege has been accumulated. A warning, even those with much more than a basic background in investing have made horrible decisions while participating in online investing.


Answer by  Vertiglug (240)

It can be a good idea for an investor if they have the money to really start some online investing, make sure you do some research on what you should invest into as well. Its all about making the right choice and sticking with it. It is never a bad idea to try to make money


Answer by  JeremiahJohnson (88)

It is a volatile time for investing right now (in May 2009), so there are definitely opportunities to make money in the short term, though the risk is also high. In the long term it is a great time to invest as the market is depressed and will go up.


Answer by  madambutterfly (5)

there is no database integrity when we be the begginer investor but, as we all know, it is far more accesible and way too easy to keep up features of trade, also no need to have a background to be in it


Answer by  burg39 (10)

You have to be really careful with investing on the Internet since their are many people out there who are trying to scam you. Since you are a novice I recommend that you rather go to a banking company and ask for a counseling session.


Answer by  Annie59 (101)

I think it is a great idea for a first time investor to get into online investing. It is cheaper than getting a broker that will charge you higher fees. With online investing, you can pay lower fees. Some suggestions would be opening up a Scottrade or Etrade account. They only charge $7 per trade.


Answer by  muffyny (16)

Actually for a beginner its a very good choice to begin online investing. Comission fees are better and its supported by banks.

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