Question by  curious2120 (18)

Is GameShark available for the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP?


Answer by  CartoonCarl (108)

Yes there is for the PSP. For the DS is seems that they have Action Replay. I am pretty sure that they are owned by the same company. Also the PSP Game Shark comes with a media manager to make it easier for you to put videos on the PSP.


Answer by  LexiP (722)

GameShark does not produce devices meant for those systems. However, Action Replay provides a similar, if not identical function and has equipment for those two systems and other current-generation consoles. I think the last system GameShark had a cheat device for was the original Xbox. Pelican's CodeBreaker is another one, but it's only good for the DS and Playstation 2.


Answer by  ShayanFCB (366)

The GameShark system and tools are available for both the Nintendo DS, and also the Sony PSP. It will allow you to enter cheat codes in both systems for games


Answer by  k80 (125)

Yes, Game Shark is available for both the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. You can buy it at stores such as GameStop or Best Buy.


Answer by  Vertiglug (240)

No game shark is no longer available for the newer systems, you have to go online and get the cheat codes now a days. In the past game shark was a very popular system cheat in the past but it does not exsist for the DS, PSP or any of the newer systems


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

Game Shark is not available for the Nintendo DS or even the Sony psp. It is exclusive only to the gameboy color consoles. So do not waste your time trying to find one.

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