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Question by  Christopher2600 (108)

Can you get internet on the nintendo ds?


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

Not on the regular version, but on DSI or Lite you can. It will be at the beginning screen before you load a game there is an option.


Answer by  randman21 (224)

You can't really get internet on the nintendo ds, but you do have a wireless connection. This allows you to play with people who also have a ds and are in the same room as you or somewhere in the same building at a short distance.


Answer by  Lauren99 (47)

On the original Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite you can not get onto the internet. On the new Nintendo DSI you can get onto the internet. The newer Nintendo DSI is about $40 more than the Nintendo DS Lite and also has a camera right inside of it.


Answer by  Sally1049 (158)

Yes, you can internet on the Nintendo DS. You need to order the Nintendo DS browser from Nintendo's online store, or other reputable shopping site. Just make sure you order the correct version. There are two options, one for DS and one for DS Lite.


Answer by  baseballlover22hotmailcom (19)

Yes but the only way on the ds or ds lite is by purchasing a nintendo wifi usb, and you can connect it to your computer.


Answer by  JeneEuS (5)

You can get internet on nintendo ds through WiFi. Some games need WiFi to connect to other players who also uses WiFi. For example, Pokemon, you may use WiFi to trade or battle with other players. Not all games are supported by WiFi but most of the games from Nintendo, itself, have.


Answer by  nixpins (62)

Nintendo released a "Nintendo DS Browser" card which is a version of the popular Opera web browser, modified to run on the DS.


Answer by  gcmeyer2 (787)

No, you cannot get traditional internet on the Nintendo DS. However, there are some games that allow you play online. The internet has to be a wireless network close to you. The one cool part of the DS is DS Download. This feature allows you to connect two DS units together and play against a friend. Very cool!


Answer by  npreston10 (15)

Yes, you can get Internet on the Nintendo DS using Nintendo DS Browser just like any other game cartridge. You can use it with any wireless access point that the DS supports and you have registered in your DS. You can register an access point under WFC Settings on the menu of most DS games.


Answer by  kayk (40)

You can purchase an internet game pak that goes into the gameboy advance slot of the ds. The newer versions of the system catch wi-fi so it is much simpler.


Answer by  Rhino36 (8)

You can't "surf the web", you can just play online with your friends. For example, you can get online on Tony hawk and skate around with your friends. You only need an open NAT.

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