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Question by  manamana (203)

What are some accessories for a Nintendo DS Lite?

My nephew is getting one for his birthday, and I want to get him some stuff to go with it.


Answer by  Nukeyooler (25)

You definitely want to get your nephew an extra pack of styluses and a carrying case for his DS!! My kids are always losing their styluses, and I've found you can never have too many! The carrying case will come in handy to keep all of his games organized and also protect the DS from drops and spills. Good luck!


Answer by  Indicate (29)

A screen protector is an essential accessory for the Nintendo DS Lite. More than half the time, you are using the screen with the stylus so a screen protector helps it from getting scratches. A microphone can also come in handy when playing wireless online so you can chat up with other players.


Answer by  kayk (40)

There is wonderful and inexpensive starter kits available that include a carry case, a car charger,screen protectors,headphones,game card cases and extra styluses.


Answer by  problemsolver (43)

Games are always nice, Mario games are loved by kids of all ages. A carrying case is useful, though not fun. Extra DS styluses are somewhat fun, but again, not very exciting. Your best bet is a game or two, and don't skimp out. The more expensive games are generally the most fun.

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