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Question by  Bhat (37)

How much does a Nintendo DS cost?

Should I buy one used?


Answer by  onion (15)

It depends on what DS your getting. The ds lite? original ds , or the new larger dsi. A used lite is a little under a 100 while a new one is around 130.While a new DSi is almost 200.However if your patient a better option is to wait for the upcoming 3ds.Try googling it.


Answer by  incantator (81)

I was able to buy a used original DS from my local used book store for about $80 in trade credit. If you have to replace the touch screen like I did, make sure the replacement has an identical model number. There are a number of bad screens out there.


Answer by  G30 (36)

A used Nintendo DS would cost less that a new Nintendo DS, because a new Nintendo DS costs around $120 while a used system could cost a lot less.

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