Question by  windows (33)

Can you troubleshoot my Sony PSP that will not charge?

My Sony PSP will not charge.


Answer by  David87 (112)

Disconnect the charging cable, replace the batteries, if this doesn't work, try a new charger, if neither option works, send the unit into a certified Sony repairman


Answer by  groki21 (32)

To check to see if the PSP is in working condition, while trying to charge verify that the power light on the device is green.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

If your PSP doesn't charge, check your power cord to make sure there isn't a fault or a train in the wire that you plug into an outlet.


Answer by  Ganesh2612 (11)

At first while charging, you check whether the power light device is green. Also check power chord to make sure there is not fault in the wire. If it doesn't work, that means there is problem with your battery. Remove the battery and connect the device to power and check. Replace the battery.


Answer by  Henry44 (23)

When a PSP (or any device for that matter) is not charging it's internal battery there are a couple of steps you need to check to diagnose the problem 1- Remove the battery, and connect the device to power 2-Borrow a different battery That way you'll be bale to asses if the problem i the battery or the charger


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

If your Sony PSP won't charge, you have a problem with your battery. The batteries tend to wear out after about two years, even faster if you use it often. You can purchase a Sony replacement for about $50 or a generic brand for half that. Wal-Mart has a good selection.


Answer by  thecar4s (22)

Your PSP battery has become worn, either the amount of use you've given it or what- but you need a new one.


Answer by  ZiggyHolmes (127)

That means there is a problem with the charging source. Consider purchasing another and seeing if that works. If that doesn't work than it is your battery pack.


Answer by  gwizzy2009 (204)

You should check to see if the battery is no longer working by replacing it with a working one. Also, try replacing the power cord.


Answer by  Xayne (177)

If your Sony PSP will not charge, then it either has something to do with your charger not working properly, or you need a new battery for your PSP.


Answer by  Aaron12 (70)

First off you should check the charger, wiggle it around to see if there maybe is a short in the wire.


Answer by  Anonymous

Try setting the middlepart of the charger, Where the magic transforms to 5V, on top of a hard floor and step on it. Worked For me And my Buddy.

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