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Question by  someonewhoknows (36)

Is Disneyland crowded on Christmas Day?


Answer by  liturk (45)

The holiday season is pretty busy for Disneyland and Christmas Day is definitely no exception. It may even be the busiest. Use the fast pass and go early if you can to beat the crowds.


Answer by  TMATM (499)

Disneyland tends to be just as busy on Christmas day as any other time of the year, partly because of Southern California's steady climate year round. The park does have a program where each rides ticket has a specific time for you to ride. You go to the ride at the time on the ticket and get on, no waiting.


Answer by  JaiAvilash (21)

Yes, disneyland is crowded on on chritmas eve and on chritmas day. 90% of the crowd represents the young children


Answer by  Minnie (3)

People don't expect an attraction such as Disneyland to be open on Christmas Day, so it's great to visit because there are less crowds than a normal holiday or weekend.

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