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Question by  sciencegeekgirl (20)

How much is a child pass at Disneyland?

I wold like to take my child to Disneyland.


Answer by  sarah1967 (626)

The current price of children tickets in Disneyland represent that children ages three and under get in for free and children ten or older get adult.


Answer by  busymomof1 (83)

There is a variety of passes that can be purchased at different prices. A one day, one park pass for ages 3-9 is $62.00 and ages 10+ is $72.00


Answer by  bjudd (123)

A one day ticket for a child (which Disney considers to be ages three through nine) is Sixty-Eight dollars. If your child is above the age of ten then the ticket will cost Seventy-Nine dollars. There are other options you can add to your ticket will which increase the price.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Usually a child's pass at Disneyland depends on when you buy the ticket, if it is in season or not, and sometimes a travel agency can get you discounts. It also depends if you buy a package deal or not. Sometimes if you stay at a certain hotel you can get kids passes for free.


Answer by  Disneyphan (529)

If you have to ask, then you can't afford it. The price to take your child to Disneyland won't stop with the ticket. You must also factor in the price of the Mickey Ears, Balloons, and food you will incur. Add it together, it equals and Arm and a Leg.


Answer by  yael (482)

A theme park ticket to Disneyland for one day costs $62 for children 3-9 years old, and $72 for anyone above the age of 10. Even with this high price a day in Disneyland is wonderful and magical and worth every penny. I suggest coming when the park opens to avoid crowds.


Answer by  ehessig (75)

a one day one park ticket for ages 3-9 is $62. 00 and for ages 10 and up is $72. 00

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