Question by  christine16 (7)

Is Novus cleaner any good?

I know it's used for cleaning or polishing plastic. Is it good? Better than Armor All?


Answer by  db197509 (7)

Novus cleaner is somewhat better than Armor All, especially for the price. It cleans as well as you expect and want it to, and is sure to leave your plastic, or any surface for that matter, shiny clean. I would recommend Novus over Armor All because of its superior polishing ability


Answer by  bearkat (6)

In my opinion Novus is no good. I like Armor All way better. Novus leaves smearing marks all over the place and doesn't work that great.


Answer by  Productreviewer123 (6)

It is much better. The shine is great, and it cleans magnificently. It is the only brand I have bought since my friend recommended to me. Armor All is okay, but Novus is much better, and almost always cheaper to. I was able to give my house a cleaning that looked great for weeks using Novus.


Answer by  leilich (247)

To find the best plastic cleaning products, you should use a source like "Amazon Top Rated." The lists are based on customer reviews, including how high consumers have rated the product, how many reviews the product has, and when the reviews were done. Novus products are rated as high as 3 and 4 in that list, higher than Armor All.


Answer by  Bob4825 (5)

I've had mixed experience with Novus. On most cleaning jobs, it works well, but occasionally leaves a residue thats looks tacky.


Answer by  honeydew46 (4)

I personally have never used this cleaner before but if it polishes plastics like Armor All does I'm sure it will work just as good. I would definently ty this product if I come across it.

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