Question by  reva (15)

What other fish can live with rosy reds?

I have three rosy reds, and would like to introduce new fish into the aquarium. What kinds of fish make good matches?


Answer by  allinwonderland (37)

Rosy Reds are not aggressive fish and can be paired with most other non-aggressive cold water fish. They can be kept with other minnows or gold fish.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

Orfe, Goldfish and Tench seem to be very popular choices that do well with rosy reds. Bait minnows and mosquito fish seem to well also but a word of caution- they are super breeders. If in an aquiarium bottom feeders such as Loaches will work well as they will not compete for food.


Answer by  Nemo (29)

Rosy reds can live with any other coldwater fish that is no so big it would eat them. You could safely introduce goldfish, white cloud minnows, dojo loaches, and hillstream loaches.


Answer by  aratliff (111)

Rosy Reds are generally put into aquariums one or two at a time to feed carnivorous fish. However if you plan to keep them as pets make sure that the fish you put with them are herbivores; for example comet goldfish are good house mates.

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