Question by  markendsley (58)

In knitting, what is a slipping marker?


Answer by  sehunt (26)

A marker indicates the beginning of a pattern within a row, especially for lace and Aran knitting. It's usually plastic and donut-shaped. Knit the stitches before the marker, then slip (move) the marker from the left needle to the right needle, and then continue knitting the remaining stitches.


Answer by  kmelchers (113)

Knitting directions sometimes call for placing a marker (PM) to indicate the spot where, for example, two stitches have to be knitted together. The marker serves as a reminder and is "slipped" from the left needle to the right.


Answer by  Lulu17 (30)

Most knitting projects require counting stitches before changing color or from knit to purl. Placing a stitch marker onto the needle to notate there is a change in the pattern will help you count the stitches between changes. Stitch markers for knitting are usually round and come in assorted colors and sizes to fit all size knitting needles.


Answer by  GinaD (400)

I think what you mean is a marker on the needle that sits between stitches, and you slip it from one needle to the other as you knit a row. The ones I have are little colored circles of plastic, but you could use a little piece of contrasting yarn.


Answer by  trouble (66)

THEY are a round ring shaped plastic that as you are knitting and want to know where a certian part of your knitting is at.like knit 10 marker then knit rest.

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