Question by  ashley17 (48)

I have a bite mark on my arm that has caused a rash and bruise what could it be?

I have a rash and bruise associated with a bite mark.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

A bite mark which caused a rash may be due to bite of a slightly poisonous insects like few varieties of ants and spiders etc. The rash is due to the less powered poison being injected into the body. It can be cured by taking a proper course of antibiotics.


Answer by  kt71 (15)

Most likely a type of spider bite, since some species can be damaging to muscles underneath often bruises appear. Without knowing area it's hard to pin down which type of spider, but if it doesn't improve within a few days, see a doctor.


Answer by  assa (29)

It can be a lizards bite , a cockroach bite or even it can be rat bite. when ever such kinds of bites are seen its better to consult doctor soon.

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