Question by  goofball90 (40)

I kissed another person, should I tell, is that cheating?

I kissed someone who is not my boyfriend and it really doesn't mean anything, should I tell my boyfriend?


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

It depends on how serious your relationship is. If you are in a long-term living together and going to get married relationship, you ought to tell. If you are 14 year olds who have had three boyfriend /girlfriend changes already this year, and probably headed for another one soon, don't bother.


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

With something like this, I say ignorance is bliss. Don't tell him. Unless you think there is a chance that it could happen again. Also, if you don't tell him - break off all ties with whoever you kissed. And... yes, it IS cheating. It could have been worse though.


Answer by  dblake (96)

You managed to tell me about it, and I don't care that much. Do you care that much? How would you respond if your post were discovered by the person you should be kissing? Maybe that's a good place for you to start. Be good!


Answer by  michelle58 (17)

Yes, you should tell your boyfriend. Some people view cheating as something as simple as flirting with someone else, while others view it as sleeping with another person. The best thing to do is tell your boyfriend the truth. All good relationships are based on honesty. He might not like it, but at least you offered him the truth.


Answer by  monkeysue (121)

Yes this is totally cheating. Would u be okay with it if he did that to you? You should tell so he can decide if he wants to be with you or not now. If he finds out another way, he will be really upset since you didn't tell him.


Answer by  salina (943)

First if it didnt mean anything then take it as that. If you are commited to a person kissing another guy.. hmm? Was it on the lips or the cheek. Either way if you are commited to this person yu should have not gotten in to this situation.


Answer by  dblake (96)

It seems that you've already told me, and I don't care that much. How much do you care about it? How would you respond if your post were discovered by the one you should have been kissing - that's a good place to start thinking about an answer. Be good!

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