Question by  meridian (466)

How do I fix faded grout problems?

As soon as it dried, the grout turned a light, gray color.


Answer by  StuperDan (14)

It didn't fade. That's it's color. The grout is always darker when it's wet, lighter when it's dry. The only way to darken it now is to dig it out and put in a darker grout. Next time choose a darker grout. The plastic grout samples are closer to the color than the sticker label.


Answer by  Kiall (17)

Lots of DIY stores sell grout revivers that can turn it white again. If you clean the surface, then follow the instructions to apply a reviver, that should help. However check your grout package first: if it was meant to turn that colour you might need to regrout.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Grout can be painted pretty much any color you like, and there are felt-tip markers with paint especially designed for touching up miscolored grout. Grout also can discolor quickly if your purchase was based on the wet color.


Answer by  flooringal (219)

You can either remove the grout and redo it with a darker-colored grout or purchase an additive that will change the color. The product can be purchased in any hardware store.

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