Question by  Dizzy (78)

What could be a reason why my HP Photosmart Printer cannot be installed?


Answer by  johnchristopheryap (40)

first reason, the driver is not compatible with the operating system. second, anti virus firewall is blocking the application, third, other software is blocking the driver in installing on your computer. lastly the driver itself is corrupted.


Answer by  asad (116)

Well there is Printer CD comes with the printer, install it completely. Many HP printers CD ask for plug inning the device on a certain stage of installation. Plug the device at that stage and complete the installation only with HP installation disk. If this does not resolves the problem then MyComputer>Properties>DeviceManager>LookforUnknowdevice>Righclick>updateDriver>BrowseforDriverintheCD. Press ok then next and finish.


Answer by  Aultero (80)

You could try to use newest drivers from the HP official website. If you already have drivers installed, remove it first to installi new drivers.


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

for windows 7 you need these steps locate the folder where you have driver of file and right click on file and choose compaitabiliy mod and check this option and select run this program as admin and click ok and now run the program as admin and wait for installer and simply install the program in xp simply install program


Answer by  amitkinha (293)

You may not have the right drivers. Go to the HP website and find the latest drivers for your Operating System (Windows 7, xp, etc). Also, make sure your printer is correctly plugged into the computer. If the printer is not recognized by the computer, try plugging it into another usb port as one of them may be faulty.


Answer by  Me67 (77)

One reason could be that your firewall is blocking the install files needed. Another could be that you do not have the proper drives downloaded for that specific printer model.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Usually that is a problem with the USB cable. If you got a new one take it back and get it replaced. If the cord doesn't work it can't install.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well most often when a new piec of hardware can't be install it is because of a operating issue. Ether the hardware is to new for an old OS or the OS can recognize the obsolete hardware.


Answer by  blah96 (22)

You may not have the correct drivers on your computer. Or your computer may not recognize that the printer is connected to it. Or there may be something wrong with the printer itself.


Answer by  manimanakody (28)

There are many reasons for not installing a HP printer. 1. Printer may not be connected with the computer properly. 2. Appropriate drivers may not be installed.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If your printer, for some reason cannot be installed, you will need to check if the printer is compatible with your computer.

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