Question by  Rimi (27)

How do I check out a doctor?

I want to check out a doctor.


Answer by  PJ24 (220)

Locate a doctor in your area, for example through the web or Yellow Pages. Then make an appointment and go visit him!


Answer by  MedStudent01 (1131)

There's no real good way to do so. Internet searches often don't provide a good enough basis to determine a doctor's worth. The best way to find out are by word of mouth from that doctor's patients and what other doctors feel about him/her.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Healthgrades. com is a good source for doing a checkup on a DR. However would of mouth is the best practice. Word of a good Dr spreads fast.


Answer by  Snichole (195)

Assuming your already have the doctor's name, I would google his name; do a litte research online. An if all else fails, I'd call the physician refferal line and ask questions.

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