Question by  tshaw2 (45)

Will my doctor induce labor if I have hypertension caused by the pregnancy?

I am so ready to have this baby and am thinking that maybe I can convince my doctor to induce.


Answer by  Kjkj (139)

Hypertension is a reason to induce. You must be over 140 or over 90 for the bottom number. But I wouldn't TRY to have hypertension, because it is dangerous for baby and for you.


Answer by  worker7186 (198)

As a mother of four I can't ever say that I've had that problem, but sometimes the will induce due to hypertension if it is severe enough. That way they can control the situation. You need to follow your doctors orders though don't force it that can be dangerous.


Answer by  kimber18 (514)

If I am not mistaken, only if the hypertension is a threat to your health, and that of the baby. Otherwise, if not medically neccesary, I would not get my hopes up. Don't be in a rush, babies need their time. It is hard, but worth it.


Answer by  liblue (683)

Hypertension will affect pregnancy if there is a sudden rise in blood pressure. A slightly high pressure can be managed until after delivery.


Answer by  GEETZ (388)

yes he will induce labor but i think you are strong and your you should not get hypertension as you are getting the sweetest gift of your life..

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