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Question by  Carey (21)

What could be causing a red swollen leg?

I have had a red swollen leg for three days.


Answer by  ginny68 (118)

Swelling, redness and warmth in one leg could be caused by a circulation problem due to blockage in the veins or inactivity. Obesity and high blood pressure are risk factors.


Answer by  macman (249)

You could have blood vessels in your leg that are vasodilated. Try elevating your legs for as long as possible to help the blood drain away form your legs


Answer by  kashin7 (345)

It could be one of three major things: a circulatory problem, a sign of an infection, or a rash. You should definitely go see a doctor.


Answer by  kate30 (42)

If you have not injured the leg in any way you should go to the doctors office for treatment. You could have a blood clot and this is very serious.


Answer by  cashian (376)

There could be a host of reasons for this condition. Blood clots, allergic reaction to medication, some types of bug bites, etc.

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