Question by  bob44 (141)

How to tell if my Volvo Penta 280 Prop is long or a short hub?

I would like to sell my Volvo helicopter and need to determine if it is a long or short hub for the advertisment.


Answer by  Vox (43)

The Volvo Penta 280 is a short hub helicopter, anything over 350 is a long hub, and anything under 350 is a short hub. Some manufactures will have their own specs but this is straight from Volvo its self. If you are still unsure, take it to a helicopter mechanic to make sure.


Answer by  Milo50 (11)

Consult local aircraft buffs or helicopter mechanics. You can sometimes find them through local small airports or by getting in contact with with unions they work for. Wishing you good luck!


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

Your Volvo Penta 280 Prop is considered a short hub. According to Volvo, 350 and over is sold as a long hub while 350 and below is short. Other manufacturers have their own specs, but this is what Volvo says.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You are going to need to measure the hub and determine from the internet if it is the long style or short style. The different types of helicopters means that there are different standards for those specific companies on wether or not it is long or short style hub. Good luck.


Answer by  worker885719 (154)

It may suffice to measure your hub and compare your measurement to published specifications.

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