Question by  beatification (60)

What are my options if I need an international mobile long distance service?

I need this service on a short term basis, as I will only be traveling for a month.


Answer by  olive49 (424)

The best option may be an international pre-paid cell. Also check with your current provider as they can add international calling for a low fee on a short term basis.


Answer by  NickSharpisaBitch (103)

First, you should check with your current cell phone provider. Since, you only need international service for a month this is likely the cheapest method. They may have to alter your phone, but it should not be too much trouble. I had to do this too.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

You might be able to buy one of those pay as you go phones with an international number. A good start would be to go and talk to a cell phone salesperson. They know more about this type of thing than I do, as it is his/her job. You would also have to look into getting a phone that way.


Answer by  John (9008)

If you contact your current provider in advance, they will usually offer a reasonably-priced short-term plan. You could also rent a cell phone in the country that you will be visiting; this is a commonly available service. The worst option, however, is to do nothing and simply make calls with your current phone. This is very expensive.

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