Question by  SKtips (141)

Do a lot of girls wear short prom dresses or do you have to wear a long one?

I'm really short and look better in a short dress.


Answer by  Iris (60)

There is no "rule" saying long dresses are a must and in my experience, more were wearing short prom dresses than long ones. Those in short dresses seemed to be more comfortable with dancing, but in the end, as long as you like the dress, you'll have fun.


Answer by  Diana65 (10)

You can wear whatever you want on prom night. There are no rules dictating what the length of your dress should be.


Answer by  ilaria (9)

the lenght of the dress is not's the whole styling that should give a result of easyness and good style.


Answer by  Southernflair (5)

I would decide what looks best on you. What colors appeal to you in a store? Are A line or full length dresses the best on your body? Going to a store and trying on the dress will work best, so you can have a vision your perfect day.


Answer by  Anonymous

I like short prom dresses, and that's because I'm a little short. Pity.

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