Question by  wardray (13)

How to install a new electric baseboard heater?

I need to install a new electric baseboard heater.


Answer by  mistahblaze (19)

Choose a centralized location with adequate ventilation. Feed the electrical cable to where you will install the baseboard heater. use exposed areas to get your cable as close to the heater location. Run a separate circuit for your electric heater and thermostat installation. Hook up everything in to the box.


Answer by  cebiii (38)

Based upon square footage calculation select linear footage of baseboard required to heat room. Install breaker of recommend size for baseboard unit in power panel. Run wiring from power panel to baseboard unit on outside wall. Mount thermostat on wall opposite of baseboard unit wire thermostat to baseboard unit. Energize breaker and set thermostat. Check for heat output.


Answer by  mani (813)

Installing electric baseboard heating is less expensive. Before installing decide how many watts of heat over the base line watts to be installed. One heater with 1500w or more with same capacity may be installed. Installing 240 volts heater is best. Wire with 2 wire circuit with 15,20 amps cable from the electrical panel to the thermostat location


Answer by  ng15 (115)

Determine room size in square feet by multiplying length by width in feet,window type and number,number of walls of the space that are exterior walls.


Answer by  savhomer (18)

Many of the newer electric baseboards come with installation instructions. some are as simple as adding amounting bracket and installing it to the wall and plugging it in, while some others require to be wired in to the house, which in some cases you may need to hire a professional.

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