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Question by  pooter (17)

What are the advantages to a baseboard hot water heating pump?

I'm considering installing one in my home. What are the pros and cons?


Answer by  nfr (115)

Baseboard hot water heating has several advantages over forced air system. Most importantly, it keeps the temperature in the room at a constant level and is much quieter then a typical forced air system. A disadvantage is that you cannot easily add an air conditioning system to it.


Answer by  michelle5349 (34)

There are several pros and cons to intalling a base board hot water heating pump. Several of the advantages:energy efficient, the system is quiet, and it is easy to regulate the temperature. But, there are also some disadvantages;The disadvantages of such a system are the following:takes up space,the changes in temperature is slow.


Answer by  Learner (350)

Baseboard hot water heaters are quiet, clean (non-blowing of air all over), good comfort level and lower initial investment(while compared to radiant heating).


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

Assuming you have hot water baseboard heating, there may be a huge advantage to having a pump. If your home is a ranch type or fairly horizontal you need the pump to push the hot water through the system. If your home is vertical, you may not need it.


Answer by  karthikeyan72 (116)

Baseboard hot water heating systems are energy efficient,The units are quiet,It is easy to control the temperatureCan be used for low temp radiant heating Can supply VERY LIMITED domestic hot water for bathing with same unit Can offer heating and cooling from the same system (must be water to air type)

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