Question by  huntres999 (72)

Do welders need 110 or 220?

I would like to be a welder and need to know more about what is required.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

Most welders use 220. Check your local community college for classes. It'll be safer and faster and you get a certificate upon completion attesting to your training.


Answer by  leroy (231)

It depends on the welding machine being used. 110 will work for thinner metal such as sheetmetal, but for thicker metals you will need 220 for adequate penetration.


Answer by  itsame (275)

Assuming you are referring to the power requirements associated with welding, (110 volt, or standard household outlet, or 220 volt) you would typically need a 220 volt outlet. There are several do-it-yourself style welders that can run on a 110 volt outlet but more professional welding apparatuses require more power to function properly.


Answer by  peters (296)

There are welders that require both. You don't want one that requires 110, it will not be very strong. Your dryer has a 220v plug you can use.

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