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Question by  gunakodai (7)

How should you treat a small cut on a finger?

It is small but it really hurts.


Answer by  Buldog60 (98)

Small cuts can turn into small scars so good to ask. The first thing you want to do is clean the cut. Alcohol is an option, but it can sting quite a bit. I prefer hydrogen peroxide. It disinfects and does not sting as badly. The next thing is to use some anti-biotic ointment and cover it with a band-aid.


Answer by  Miffy (216)

The most important things to do with a small cut is to keep it clean and to stop the bleeding. The bleeding can be stopped by holding the hand above the heart. Clean the cut with running water, pat dry with clean material and cover with a plaster or sterile dressing


Answer by  Nubileminx (8)

I would wash the cut first. Then I would see if anything is in the cut. If nothing was in it I would then proceed to place a band-aid on it.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

First you should clean the wound with peroxide. Then dry with a clean cotton ball. Put an antibiotic cream on it. Then put a bandage on it. Check in a few hours and replace bandage. After it starts to heal, remove bandage.


Answer by  JamesPearce (117)

It may hurt but that doesnt mean its bad. Put some anti-septic cream on it and protect it with a plaster (or band-aid if your american.)

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