Question by  littlebear (1)

How long does it take for a severed nerve in a finger to heal?

I cut my finger and severed the nerve. I dont have full movement of the finger. Why is this?


Answer by  malone (4817)

The nerves take time to mend, long after the injury appears to be healed. It can take months, if not longer, depending on the damage. Talk to your doctor about the restricted movement; that could be caused by any number of things.


Answer by  Toad32 (11)

You probably will not ever get full movement back ever again, because the nerve is the part of the finger that tells you if something hurts or doesn't.


Answer by  Anonymous

Might have also severed a tendon.


Answer by  Anonymous

I cut my hand and severed part of the nerve several week ago. I couldn't bend my finger at all for a bout a week, which the doctor said was mainly from swelling. I still have numbness in that finger though.

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